Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First fundraiser...get stoked!

With MUCH help from some people who I love very much I am putting together a series of YARD SALE FUNDRAISERS that will be held throughout the year.

Back in January I sent out a flyer (with the cutest Gorilla on it) advertising my yard sale. I made the flyer in hopes that people would donate any unwanted items from their home for me to sell.

Thankfully, I have had many people offer their donations and many more that plan to donate.

The first yard sale will be held Friday and Saturday, February 17 and 18 at my grandparent's house.

My goal is to raise $500. I know this may sound like a stretch but we have some good stuff to sell thanks to some awesome friends! So I think I'll set my goal high! Nothing wrong with a little ambition.

I will check in as soon as possible with results from the first yard sale!

If you guys have any other fundraising ideas or would like to donate for the next yard sale or would like to attend the first yard sale please feel free to contact me!

A HUGE thank you to my wonderful grandparents Susan and Ronnie Jewell, my dad Jamey (he has been so supportive and so helpful!), my gentlemen Aaron who supports me no matter what (love him so much it hurts!), and all the friends who donated: Bill, Kathleen, Sam and Jeff, Tiffany, Katie, and Hugo. I appreciate you guys so much!

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